Word on The Street® Junior

Word on The Street® Junior

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Ages 7
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The Big Idea
Buckle up and bring the fun of Word on the Street® to the entire family with Word on the Street® Junior! Easy-to-learn super speedy game play keeps kids in the fast lane to vocabulary victory!

Psst...They're Learning!
  • Practices word-building and spelling
  • Enhances vocabulary skills
  • Promotes good sportsmanship and social skills

Cut to the Chase
  • 28.5" x 7.75" Game board
  • 26 Letter tiles
  • 108 Category cards (216 categories) and card holder
  • 30-Second sand timer
  • Game guide and rule book
    1. Place all letters in the center of the board. Flip a card to reveal a category.
    2. Flip the timer—that player has 30 seconds to come up with an answer—in the category!—and move the tiles found in that word one space at a time toward their side of the street.
    3. The first player or team to claim 8 letter tiles wins!


Product Instructions

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Word on the Street® Junior

Inventor: Jack Degnan

Inventor Jack Degnan definitely hasa way with words. He’s always loved puns,wordplay, and jokes. Growing up, he spentmany an hour writing short stories andpoetry; as an adult, he writes music for hisguitar and even taught English as a SecondLanguage to students from all over theworld. Word on the street is that Jack’s Wordon the Street is the best word game around!