Sunrise Safari

Sunrise Safari

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Ages 4-7
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The Big Idea
Help Meeka Meerkat match up her safari friends in this ferociously fun all-play game of speed and visual comprehension! Be the first to match the safari animals you roll to the challenge card to win the round. Player who collects the most cards wins! Fast-paced and engaging game is perfect for improving matching and visual recognition skills.

Psst...They're Learning!
  • Builds memory and matching skills
  • Reinforces visual recognition
  • Supports early math concepts with patterns and sequencing

Cut to the Chase
  • All-play safari dice game for ages 4+
  • Great for improving matching and visual recognition skills
  • Sweet safari theme with Meerkat squeaker
    1. Flip over a challenge card.
    2. All players roll their animal dice to be the first to match the 4 animals on the challenge card.
    3. The first to correctly match all 4 animals on their safari cruiser card grabs the Meeka Meerkat Squeaker, and collects the challenge card for that round.
    4. Player who collects the most challenge cards wins!
The Nitty-Gritty
  • 16 Animal dice (four sets of four for up to four players)
  • 20 Large visual challenge cards
  • 4 Safari cruiser dice holder cards
  • Meeka Meerkat squeaker
  • Multilingual instructional guide (English, Spanish, French, and German)


Product Instructions

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Sunrise Safari

Inventor: Mary Jo Reutter

Mary Jo Reutter, inventor of many of EI's best-selling games, loves the thrill of heading out on a road trip at sunrise. The creator of Meeka Meerkat’s Sunrise Safari remembers her parents lifting her and her sleeping brothers into the backseat of their station wagon before daybreak to get a jumpstart on their family adventures. To this day she kicks off her road trips at dawn and revels in the possibilities each day might bring.