Math Trekker - Multiplication & Division

Math Trekker - Multiplication & Division

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Ages 8
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The Big Idea
Practice key math skills wherever you go with this portable electronic math quiz. Grab, clip, and go - the cool, neon Trekker attaches to your backpack for self-correcting, timed math practice that’s way more fun than flash cards! Grades 3+

Shh… They’re Learning!
  • Provides practice with multiplication and division facts up to 12
  • Builds math confidence – crucial to future math success

Cut to the Chase
  • Portable, electronic math game for multiplication or division practice
  • Timed play, sounds, and music provide element of excitement
  • Lots more fun than flashcards!
  • Requires 3 replaceable AG13/LR44 batteries, included
Let’s Play
1. Turn the unit on and slide the switch on the bottom to multiplication or division, and press the number you’d like to practice…
2. Read the problem, press the answer, and listen for the tones – positive if you’re right, negative if you’re not (missed questions are repeated at the end of the game, until they are answered correctly)…
3. Answer all of the questions correctly, enjoy a musical reward, and check your time. Play again and see if you can beat it!
The Nitty Gritty
  • Electronic math unit (3” x 3.5” x .75”) with built-in carabineer
  • Timed multiplication/division unit drills math facts 1-12, plus mixed facts
  • Positive and negative tones for self-correcting feedback
  • Musical reward
  • Mute option
  • Multi-lingual options – play in English, Spanish, French or German
  • Requires 3 replaceable AG13/LR44 batteries (included)

    Product Instructions

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    Math Trekker - Multiplication & Division

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