Lickety Quick

Lickety Quick

Item # 2933
Ages 8
We regret that this Educational Insights product is discontinued and no longer available.

Word-building! Follow the clues to come up with a word first in this scrumptious word-building game! One set of cards features beginning letters or letter combinations; the other features Lickety Quick™ clues—parts of speech, double letters, number of syllables, and more. Combine the two to make a (real!) word first and you win the round! Grades 3+
  1. Split the deck into letter cards and Lickety Quick cards.
  2. Take turns turning over one of each type of card.
  3. Be the first to shout out a (real) word using the criteria on the cards and you win the cards!
  4. Collect the most cards to win the game.
43 letter cards and 43 Lickety Quick cards for endless possibilities.


Product Instructions

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Lickety Quick™

Cards measure 2.125W x 4"H.

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