Laundry Jumble Game

Laundry Jumble Game

Item # 1886
Ages 4
We regret that this Educational Insights product is discontinued and no longer available.

Get touchy-feely! It's laundry day, and the animals need help getting dressed! Reach inside the dryer and explore using only your sense of touch. Find the missing clothes—no peeking allowed!
  • Focuses on touch as game play encourages children to match picture cards with articles of clothing they feel inside the dryer

  • Encourages tactile exploration, fine motor skills, and counting

  • Builds vocabulary as students name animals and clothing

  • Includes 11 pieces of doll–size clothing (washable), 30 game cards featuring full–color illustrations, and a fabric dryer measuring 8"L x 6.5"W x 10"H

  • For 2–4 players

  • Grades PreK+
  • Draw a clothing card

  • Feel around inside the dryer for the matching article of clothing

  • Pull out the clothing, and keep the card if you're correct

  • Collect the most cards to win!


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