GeoSafari® Jr. Animal Eye Viewers, Set of 3

GeoSafari® Jr. Animal Eye Viewers, Set of 3

Item # 5096
Ages 4+
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The Big Idea

    Have you ever wondered what the world looks like to an insect, a shark, or a chameleon? Kids can now view the world from the animal’s perspective when they slip on these Animal Eye Viewers.

    - Insect Eye Viewer—Pixilated eyeball creates dozens of mini-images at once.
    - Shark Eye Viewer—Get a 360-degree view complete with rearview mirrors, ocean-blue tint, and central blind spot (sharks can’t see directly in front of themselves).
    - Chameleon Eye Viewer—Keep your focus with two independently rotating eyeballs.

    Shhh...They're Learning!
    • Perfect tool for budding zoologists
    • Encourages outdoor exploration
    • Fosters hands-on learning

    Cut to the Chase
    • Set of 3 handheld eye masks that helps kids see the world like an insect, a shark, and a chameleon
    • Long-lasting, durable
    • Wipe-clean surface
    • Part of the award-winning Geosafari® Jr line
Box set of 3 viewers


Product Information

Click here to download:
GeoSafari® Jr. Animal Eye Viewers

  • Chameleon measures 6.25"W x 7.25"H.
  • Shark measures 5"W x 7.5"H.
  • Bug measures 4.5"W x 7.75"H.
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