Chef Showdown Game

Chef Showdown Game

Item # 3451
Ages 6
We regret that this Educational Insights product is discontinued and no longer available.

The Big Idea
Things are getting crazy in the kitchen! It’s a food matching frenzy! Choose your chef and race the other players to capture tasty foods in this fast-action, pressure cooker of a strategic matching game! For 2-4 players.

Shh… They’re Learning
  • Sharpens visual discrimination
  • Hones concentration
  • Encourages quick thinking

  • Cut to the Chase
  • A fast-action, all-play card game
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Let’s Play
    1. Race to match any card in your hand with any of the three showdown cards on the table. Mark your match by placing your chef on that card before anyone else does.
    2. Continue play by knocking other player’s chefs off of showdown cards that you match and replacing them with your chefs.
    3. When time’s up, collect the showdown cards marked by your chefs. Collect the most cards and you win!
    The Nitty Gritty – Includes:
  • 12 Chef figures
  • 18 Showdown cards
  • 128 Player cards
  • Sand timer
  • Instructions

    Product Instructions

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    Chef Showdown Game

    Kim Vandenbroucke

    Kim's got an appetite for fun! This game-lover has been inventing toys and games for more than 10 years. With hundreds of games on her menu, she can't pick a favorite, but she does feed on the frenzied, fast-paced excitement that comes with all-play games like Marco's Polos and Chef Showdown. Grab one of Kim's games and dig in!

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