Brownie Match Game

Brownie Match Game

Item # 3417
Ages 3-6
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The Big Idea
Players take turns spinning the spinner and flipping the brownie they think hides the matching number. Make a match and scoop it up with the spatula, but be on the lookout for special spins, like burnt brownies and spilt milk! You might just lose a brownie or a turn. Collect five brownies first to win!

Psst...They’re Learning!
  • Helps develop memory and matching skills
  • Encourages numeral recognition
  • Helps increase fine motor skills
  • Promotes sharing and turn taking
  • Helps develop social skills

Cut to the Chase
  • This fudgy find-it preschool game encourages numeral recognition and builds memory and matching skills!
  • Includes 16 brownie game pieces, 1 spatula, 1 spinner, and 4 plates
  • Multilingual instruction guide
  • No reading required for gameplay
  • For 2–4 players
  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award (2016)
    1. Place all brownies with sprinkles facing up in the ”pan” (the inside of your packaging)!
    2. Players take turns spinning the spinner to determine which number they need to match to their brownie or what action they’ll need to follow.
    3. If a number is spun, use the spatula to find and flip over a brownie with the corresponding number. Find a matching- numbered brownie? Put it on your plate! If you find the special “a la mode” brownie, keep that brownie and spin again! But watch out—spill the milk and you’ll lose a turn.
    4. First player to collect 5 brownies wins!


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Brownie Match™ Game