Ace and Kat Go Camping, Class Pack (Set of 6)

Ace and Kat Go Camping, Class Pack (Set of 6)

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The Big Idea
Are you ready for a colorful adventure? The supplies—and the silliness—quickly pile up as the practical Kat and clueless Ace prepare for a camping trip. But when their trip is in danger of cancellation, the pair work together to solve their problem. Find colors, numbers, categories, and more as Ace reveals what NOT to do when packing for an outdoor adventure.

Preschoolers will love using Ace—the Talking, Teaching Dog™ pen (sold separately) as they enjoy these fun stories, each with 11 interactive early learning activities designed to support school readiness.

Shhh...They're Learning!
  • Playful, interactive learning
  • Confidence-building feedback
  • Encourages independent learning
  • Provides ample practice time

Cut to the Chase
  • 24-Page, richly illustrated storybook that guides preschoolers in the following areas: colors, numbers, beginning phonics, patterns, shapes, and more (set of 6)
  • Perfect for story time at home or in the classroom
  • Works with ANY Hot Dots® or Hot Dots Jr. pen, including Ace—the Talking, Teaching Dog™ and Kat—the Talking, Teaching Kitty™ (pens sold separately)
  • When you pair the Hot Dots Jr. Interactive Storybooks with a Hot Dots pen, the pen will provide positive reinforcement (cheery music and lights) for correct answers and will gently redirect children when they answer incorrectly (glowing red light)