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Classroom Laminator
Affordable, safe, and easy to use, this handy laminator lets you protect important classroom materials.
• Hot or cold settings
• Great for school or home use Classroom Laminator
EI-8810 | $99.99 SRP | CPQ 4
Hot Laminating Pouches (81⁄2" x 11")
Contains 100 hot laminating pouches (3mm thick)
EI-8811 | $32.99 SRP | CPQ 10
     Quick Stick Instant Flannel Board
Raise flannel-board activities to new heights with this magnetic- backed flannel board that quickly sticks to any metal surface, including classroom whiteboards. Use two together for a super-sized
flannel board!
• Measures 20"W x 27"H
• Rolls up for easy storage EI-1034 | $32.99 SRP | CPQ 12
   No Yell Bell®
No need to shout when you have this versatile, voice-saving electronic teacher bell! Simply dial one of seven unique sounds, tilt the bell, and point it at your students.
• Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included)
• Seven attention-getting sounds! Hand Bell, Bugle Call, Alarm Clock Ring, Space Alert, Twinkle, Tick-Tock Alarm, and Applause
EI-1250 | $29.99 SRP | CPQ 6
Space PlaceTM Pocket Chart
Maximize your classroom storage by making use of those in-between spots!
• 14"W x 55"H Chart with 12 folder-sized pockets
• Labeling slots and 36 blank labels
EI-1613 | $14.99 SRP | CPQ 12
      Best Seller Product Safety. See Inside Back Cover.
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