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      NEW! T-REX RumbleTM
Strap on your tiny dinosaur arms and prepare to rumble as players complete challenges from four fun categories, collecting cards to avoid extinction!
• Includes 2 T-rex arms, 100 challenge cards in 4 hilarious categories
(Prehistoric Pickup, Dino Drawings, Cretaceous Charades, and Rumble Challenges), 13 foam pieces, ball, dry-erase marker, 30-second timer, and die
• Hilarious prehistoric party game perfect for family game night and kids’ parties
How to Play
1. Roll the die and draw a card.
2. Strap on your tiny T-Rex arms
and attempt to complete the
challenge shown on the card.
3. The first team to collect
10 cards avoids extinction!
Ages 7+
SMALL PARTS [1]. [4].
Not for children < 3 yrs. EI-3068
0 86002 03068 9
       Best Seller Award Winner Product Safety. See Inside Back Cover.
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