GeoSafari® SeaScope® This updated version of our bestselling SeaScope lets kids investigate life under water, from sea stars to kelp beds, without getting wet! • Water-friendly scope with 5x magnification, built-in LED flashlight, thermometer, and ruler • 12-Page multilingual instruction guide • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) • Supports STEM: Observe and measure conditions and organisms in underwater habitats SMALL PARTS [1]. Not for children < 3 yrs. EI-5202 | $39.99 SRP | CPQ 6 AGES 8–12 STEM GeoSafari® Day 'N' Night Ant Factory Watch ants work–24/7–with nutrient-rich farm gel that doubles as food and color-changing LEDs that light up the night! • Escape-proof ant habitat with magnification spots and air vents • Nutrient-rich gel that eliminates the need for food and water • Color-changing LED lights with on/off switch • Includes certificate to obtain ants by mail (consumer pays postage) • Requires 3 AA batteries (not included) • Distribution in continental U.S. • Supports STEM: Scientific observation and life science EI-5144 | $29.99 SRP | CPQ 6 AGES 7–12 STEM GeoSafari® Ant Factory™ Set up and maintain your own ant habitats! • Escape-proof ant habitat for observing the life of ants • 24-Page guidebook with ant care and colony observation hints • Water dropper and canal-starting tool • Includes certificate to obtain ants by mail (consumer pays postage) • Measures 15"W x 9"H • Supports STEM: Observe insect traits, behavior, and survival needs SMALL PARTS [1]. Not for children < 3 yrs. EI-5145 | $36.99 SRP | CPQ 6 AGES 5–12 STEM 95 94 Best Seller Award Winner Supports STEM Product Safety. See Inside Back Cover. STEM GeoSafari ® Call Us! 800-995-4436