AGES 3–6 GeoSafari® Jr. BugBright™ Study amazing insects, day and night, with the only light-up bug viewer around! • Bug viewer with quick-capture sliding bottom, easy-carry handle, and screw-off top for feeding • Features 5x magnification spot • LED spotlight with on/off switch • Requires button cell battery (included) • Supports STEM: Scientific observation, life science EI-5089 | $15.99 SRP | CPQ 4 STEM AGES 4–6 GeoSafari® Jr. Butterfly Bungalow Witness the incredible transformation from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly in amazing magnified detail! • Folding butterfly habitat with outer pocket, plastic chrysalis log, magnifying glass, and activity guide • Includes certificate for 5 live Painted Lady Butterfly caterpillars (consumer pays postage) • Distribution in continental U.S. • Supports STEM: Scientific observation, life science EI-5085 | $21.99 SRP | CPQ 4 STEM AGES 3–7 0 86002 05088 5 GeoSafari® Jr. Ladybug Garden Raise and study ladybugs, from larvae to adorable adults, in this reusable, bug-safe garden habitat! • Ladybug garden habitat with screw-on lid with 3 magnification spots for observation • Includes certificate for ladybug larvae (consumer pays postage) • Supports STEM: Scientific observation, life science SMALL PARTS [1]. Not for children < 3 yrs EI-5088 | $21.99 SRP | CPQ 4 91 90 GeoSafari ® Jr. Best Seller Award Winner Supports STEM Product Safety. See Inside Back Cover. STEM Call Us! 800-995-4436 AVAILABLE SPRING2019