GeoSafari® Jr. Explorer Scope Up close and far away, bring nature your way with the world’s only 2-in-1 microscope/ telescope! • Scope with 8x magnification for up- close investigations • Telescoping barrel with 15x magnification for distance viewing • Perfect-fit goggles with enlarged eyepieces, break-away strap, and soft rubber hand grips • Perfect for nature walks and backyard exploration • Supports STEM: Examine and observe natural sciences SMALL PARTS [1]. Not for children < 3 yrs. EI-5211 | $18.99 SRP | CPQ 4 AGES 3–6 GeoSafari® Jr. Mighty Magnifier™ Light up your finds and flip the lenses to switch from 2x to 8x magnification for an up-close look at the world around you. • Adjustable explorer glasses with built-in LED light for night viewing • Two levels of magnification: 2x and 8x • Double eyecup for easy viewing with adjustable head strap • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included) • Supports STEM: Introduce scientific tool to view and explore the environment SMALL PARTS [1]. Not for children < 3 yrs. EI-5141 | $14.99 SRP | CPQ 4 AGES 4–7 STEM STEM 81 80 GeoSafari ® Jr. Best Seller Award Winner Supports STEM Product Safety. See Inside Back Cover. STEM AVAILABLE SPRING2019