42 43 Design & Drill ® 43 Coding SAFE AND SECURE BUILT-IN WIFI SERVER CONTROL ARTIE 3000™ FROM A DESKTOP, LAPTOP, OR TABLET VIA WIFI, ANYWHERE, NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED 360-DEGREE MOVEMENT MOVES FORWARD & BACKWARD TURNS AND SPINS IN ANY DIRECTION BUILT-IN CODING APPS ACCESS FROM YOUR BROWSER, SAVE, LOAD, AND EDIT YOUR DESIGNS LOWERS AND LIFTS PEN INCLUDES 4 COLORS OF THIN FELT- TIPPED PENS, FITS ALMOST ALL BRANDS REMOTE CONTROL TOY CONTROLLABLE VIA REMOTE CONTROL APP AS WELL AS CODING PROGRAMS American Mensa and the Mensa Foundation values the importance of learning at all ages. Partnering with Educational Insights on developing rich content for Artie 3000™ continues and enhances our practice of aligning ourselves with innovative products that engage learning in everyone. — Trevor S. Mitchell, MBA, CAE CEO, American Mensa LIFEMEMBER Mensa ® Artie 3000™ 100321990 Educational Insights has partnered with Mensa For Kids to create cool learning activities and STEAM-basedchallengesthatwillsparkcuriosity in coding through creativity. Go to CodeWithArtie.com for activities, challenges, and more! TURN PAGE TO SEE WHAT ARTIE CAN DO! Product Safety. See Inside Back Cover. Simply drag and drop the code and watch Artie go!