Hot Dots® Phonics Flash Cards Each set reinforces the skills necessary for reading success! • 36 Double-sided cards with 72 phonics activities per set • Perfect for home and school practice Letters, colors, shapes, numbers, sounds, and rhymes Reading Readiness EI-2780 | $14.99 SRP | CPQ 6 Beginning, middle, and ending consonant sounds Consonants EI-2781 | $14.99 SRP | CPQ 6 Short and long vowel sounds Vowels EI-2782 | $14.99 SRP | CPQ 6 R-, L-, and S-blends and digraphs (sh, ch, th, wh) Blends and Digraphs EI-2783 | $14.99 SRP | CPQ 6 The 37 most common phonograms Word Families EI-2784 | $14.99 SRP | CPQ 6 AGES 5–7 AGES 5–7 AGES 5–7 AGES 5–7 AGES 5–7 Hot Dots® High-Frequency Words Card Set This set gives beginning and struggling readers a solid foundation for reading success through reading simple stories, jokes, poems, and more. Each passage features four multiple- choice questions focusing on target words. Use the Hot Dots Pen to respond and receive instant reinforcement and feedback. • 40 Double-sided fully illustrated cards (8"W x 8"H) • 300+ High-frequency and sight words • Teacher’s guide EI-2340 | $21.99 SRP | CPQ 8 AGES 5–6 Hot Dots® Academic Vocabulary Card Sets Hot Dots Academic Vocabulary Card Sets make it fun to build academic vocabulary! Each set reinforces important academic vocabulary words from science, math, social studies, and language arts. This self- checking system enables students to work independently with instant reinforcement. • 50 Double-sided illustrated cards (8”W x 5”H) • Aligned to Common Core State Standards • 400 Academic vocabulary words per set • 4 Tabbed subject dividers • Teacher’s guide AGES 9–11 AGES 6–8 Grades 1–3 EI-2788 | $16.99 SRP | CPQ 6 Grades 4–6 EI-2789 | $16.99 SRP | CPQ 6 Hot Dots® Talking Pen It’s interactive learning fun! Press the sleek, silver Hot Dots Talking Pen to an answer dot on any Hot Dots or Hot Dots Jr. question for instantaneous visual and audio feedback! • Features 17 speech and sound effects and flashing lights • Perfect for independent self-paced learning • Compatible with all Hot Dots and Hot Dots Jr. sets • Pen requires 2 AAA batteries (not included) Single Pen EI-2570 | $12.99 SRP | CPQ 6 AGES 5–12 Set of 6 Pens EI-2571 | $74.99 SRP | CPQ 6 AGES 5–12 Awesome! 153 152 Hot Dots ® Best Seller Award Winner Supports STEM Product Safety. See Inside Back Cover. STEM Call Us! 800-995-4436