With Space Circuits, STEM-gineers use a kid-safe power drill and smaller bolts to complete awesome astronaut challenges like wiring circuits to spin fans and light lights, all the while building basic math and engineering skills, confidence, and creativity too. WIFI-ENABLED DRAWING ROBOT Artie is the drawing robot that helps you learn how to code. Program your creation using his built-in apps, and he’ll draw it for you! PAGE 40 SPACE CIRCUITS PAGE 46 Product Safety. See Inside Back Cover. SMALL PARTS [1]. Not for children < 3 yrs. EI-1125 | $69.99 SRP | CPQ 4 SMALL PARTS [1]. Not for children < 3 yrs. EI-4176 | $49.99 SRP | CPQ 4 AVAILABLE SUMMER 2019 11 10 New Products educationalinsights.com Call Us! 800-995-4436