Nancy B’s Science Club® Hydroponics Kit Grow plants—without dirt! This easy-start hydroponics kit helps kids learn about plant life cycles and growth and is complete with fun, engaging journal activities. • Includes 2 seed baskets, 2 flasks with built-in thermometers, and 2 trellises with rulers • 22-Page activity journal • Supports STEM: Test and study effects of water-based plant growth EI-5361 | $24.99 SRP | CPQ 4 AGES 8–12 Nancy B’s Science Club® Microbes Lab Turn “eww” into “aha!” by encouraging the study and understanding of (harmless) tiny colonies of bacteria and fungi. • Includes 4 Petri dishes, 250mL standing round-bottomed flask with volume markings, stopper with hole, bacteria spreader, waterproof colony counter grid, loupe with 8x magnification, tweezers, funnel, pipette, gloves, and nutrient agar packet • 22-Page activity journal • Supports STEM: Collect, grow, and observe microbes, gather and interpret data SMALL PARTS [1]. Not for children < 3 yrs. EI-5362 | $29.99 SRP | CPQ 6 Nancy B’s Science Club® Compost Kit Learn about life cycles and decomposition in this cool kit designed just for kids! • 2 Compartments with removable divider, two 3x magnifiers, and lid with air holes • 2 Write-on/wipe-off boards for labeling • Fun introduction to life cycles and environmental science • 22-Page activity journal • Supports STEM: Observe decomposition, design experiments, record and analyze data EI-5359 | $24.99 SRP | CPQ 6 AGES 8–12 Nancy B’s Science Club® Bug Discovery Lab Dig into the fascinating world of insects and entomology with all the tools you need to collect, observe, and learn about amazing bugs! • Portable bug terrarium with soft plastic handle and built-in 2x and 3x magnifiers • Pit trap with funnel, designed specifically to attract and catch insects • Bug catcher with easy insect catch-and-release and breathing holes for up-close observation • 22-Page activity journal • Supports STEM: Collect insects, study anatomy, life cycles, and behavior SMALL PARTS [1]. Not for children < 3 yrs. EI-5360 | $21.99 SRP | CPQ 6 AGES 8–12 STEM AGES 8–12 STEM STEM STEM Nancy B’s Science Club® Stir-It-Up Chemistry Lab Junior chemists can safely explore simple scientific principles including extinguishing a flame with invisible gas, making their own bubbling “lava” in a bottle, causing chemicals to change color, and more. • 11 Reusable chemistry tools including beaker, 4 test tubes, test tube rack, graduated cylinder, lab glasses, dropper, funnel, beaker, and stirring rod • Use common household ingredients • 22-Page activity journal filled with experiments • Supports STEM: Pose questions, test hypotheses, record and analyze data SMALL PARTS [1]. Not for children < 3 yrs. EI-5356 | $24.99 SRP | CPQ 6 AGES 8–12 STEM 109 108 Nancy B's Science Club ® Best Seller Award Winner Supports STEM Product Safety. See Inside Back Cover. STEM Call Us! 800-995-4436