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Preschool and Kindergarten Milestones

Growing Up! What to Expect at Every Age

With playful, educational, tools, and toys for children kids ages two through 102, we’ve got something for every age, stage, and style. Preschool and Kindergarten are two of our very favorite stages; no longer babies, not quite big kids, the developmental growth at this age can be incredible to watch! Read on for some of the physical, mental, emotional, and academic milestones little ones reach during this amazing time and then start shopping for products designed specifically to nurture their growth.

Three-year-olds are natural explorers, using all of their senses to get a grasp on the world. Little ones grow by leaps and bounds at this age—reaching all kinds of milestones. Since these tiny tots are confident and creative, playtime is essential at this learning stage. Preschool-specific products like Playfoam® and Puppet-on-a-Stick™ are perfect for this age group!

Watch out! Four-year-olds are curious, creative, confident, and opinionated! You’ll be hearing quite a bit of “I can do it” and “Let me help,” this year. With kindergarten on the horizon, it’s helpful to encourage early math and reading concepts. Board games like Shelby’s Snack Shack™ and BBQ Blitz® are a great way to introduce important skills like counting, matching, and visual discrimination.

Kindergarteners delight in creative problem solving. They also tend to be more social, and they’re not afraid to speak up! Discovering their ability to make choices will both excite and empower them. Encourage those growing minds with science-based activities, like the GeoSafari® Jr. Jungle Crew Lab Set™ or My First Microscope.