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Kids love to learn! Learning new things provides new freedoms and a growing sense of accomplishment and pride. By providing the teaching toys and tools to conquer new skills, parents are giving their kids the best gift of all – a leg up on learning. So check out our playfully educational tools, toys and games, designed to address specific subjects, and turn your little learner into a science star, rockin’ reader, or math-a-magician today! Kindergarten is an especially important year, setting the tone for your child’s academic career. Browse these simple – and fun! – things you can do at home to help prepare your child for this critical step!

Work It Out
Download our FREE math and reading packets featuring 24 pages of fun readiness activities, which offer perfect practice for preschoolers preparing to enter Kindergarten. And if your kids love learning with these pages, be sure to check out our selection of interactive Hot Dots® Jr. storybooks and card sets to take learning fun to the next level!

Play It Out
Play, Play, Play! Set up playdates with kids your child’s age and trade off locations. This will not only help your child learn to interact with others, but also help him get comfortable being away from you. Story time at the library and music and movement classes at the park are also great ways to get your child used to being in a group setting. Be sure to provide plenty of toys and activities to keep little ones engaged—Magic Moves® Jammin’ Gym is a great way for kids to play together and release some energy, too!

Learn, Learn, Learn!
Learn Those Letters! Sing the alphabet song and look at letters on paper. Your child’s name is a great place to start but there are letters everywhere! Point them out in storybooks, road signs, and at the grocery store. Talk about the sounds each letter makes. “S, ssss…., S is for Star!”

Move That Body!
Fine Motor Skills! Afternoon quiet time is a great time to practice fine motor skills. Squishing, squashing, squeezing, and shaping molding substances like Playfoam®, stringing beads, and putting puzzles together are all great ways to develop fine motor skills.