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The Riddle Show™

Encourages language while promoting self-esteem
Item #1701 | Ages 6+
The Big Idea
Knock, knock! Who’s there? YOU, hosting your very own comedy show! Friends and family will laugh, giggle, snort, and guffaw as kids share 145+ riddles, jokes, and tongue twisters. This talking electronic microphone features pre-recorded content, music, and sound effects. Press a button for a joke or riddle, then another for the answer, or try a tricky tongue twister – just don’t get too tripped up! Ha-ha-larious fun for everyone! Also doubles as a working microphone so children can perform their own comedy show or other material.

Shh… They’re Learning!
  • Increases listening comprehension skills
  • Enhances critical thinking skills
  • Builds vocabulary
  • Increases self-confidence and self-esteem

Cut to the Chase
  • Electronic microphone includes 145+ riddles, jokes, and tongue twisters
  • Also doubles as working microphone
  • Crack up your friends with your very own comedy show

Lekotek, special needs expert advice:

Kids have the opportunity to shine in the spotlight with The Riddle Show! Laughter is often a fail-free way to encourage language while promoting self-esteem. Tongue twisters and jokes help kids mix comedy with communication to practice letter sounds and annunciation. Listening skills are also part of the act as kids watch others’ performances. Pretend play and imagination play a role in this Riddle Show.

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