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GeoSafari® Classroom Dinosaur Dig
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GeoSafari® Classroom Dinosaur Dig

Ages 8+
Everything a teacher needs to create a realistic T. rex excavation! Uncover a fantastic learning activity for your students - one they will remember for years to come! This kit includes everything you need to create a realistic T. rex dig in your ownschoolyard or sandbox. Junior paleontologists will LOVE excavating, and piecing together, a huge, super-realistic Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton! Includes T. rex skeleton in 30 snap-together parts, rock-like base with 6 plant fossils, herbivorous dinosaur jawbone fragment, support rods, 8 trowels, 4 brushes, 16 stakes, 200 feet (60 m) of grid tape, 2 full-color posters, plus a 20-page guide with step-by-step directions, lesson plans, and reproducibles. Dig up some serious fun! Aligned to state and national standards Dig Kit Components: 30-piece T. rex skeleton,Step-by-step lesson plans & worksheets, Fossil-embedded rock base and rods,16 dig stakes,8 excavation trowels,4 specimen brushes, 200 feet of dig tape, 2 giant posters, Over 55 components!
GeoSafari® Classroom Dinosaur Dig
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