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AlphaMagnets® and MathMagnets Color-Coded Magnets

AlphaMagnets® and MathMagnets Color-Coded Magnets

Item #1637  | Ages 4-6
The highest quality magnetic manipulatives available!
  • Features more and stronger magnets than other magnetic manipulatives to ensure each piece stays where you want it and doesn’t slip

  • Provides examples of letters and numbers formed the same way students are taught to form them

  • Includes extras of the most frequently used letters (a, e, i, o, u, b, l, m, r, s, t), plus math operations signs to practice building and solving equations

  • Offers color-coding that helps children learn the parts of a number sentence (red operation signs, blue numbers) and the difference between consonants (blue) and vowels (red)

  • Stores in a durable, stackable tub for easy cleanup

  • All 126 pieces measure 1.5"H each so they’re easy for small hands to manage and provide tactile reinforcement of early math concepts

  • Grades PreK+
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