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USA Foam Map Puzzle.
Ages 5-7
World Foam Map Puzzle
Ages 5+
Travel Games Set
Ages 7+

The way your little one learns is a puzzle that is unique to him or her. No one learns in exactly quite the same way, and once you find the missing piece of how your child learns, new worlds can open up. Sometimes, what you are missing is literally a puzzle piece.

Our toy development team knows a lot about how children learn, and how they don’t learn. Our team is made up of professional educators and seasoned parents that are tuned into the different ways that children learn, whether it be by hearing, seeing, or doing. Years of experience in classroom settings have taught these educators that reinforcing skills through some good old-fashioned fun is often the way to get kiddos to retain what they learn during school lectures. Enter our math jigsaw puzzles, phonics puzzles, and map puzzles. Our puzzles offer a lot of fun, with just the right amount of challenge to keep your child engaged and participating.

The Pieces of Our Puzzle

When our toy development team meets to create our newest toys and games, they take a lot into consideration. First, we think about the kids—how can we create a toy or game that will offer children a way to learn, while still having fun? We consider the different ways that children learn, and what curriculum they are likely studying. Then, the parents on our team pipe in to make sure that our toys and games are family friendly. Can the entire family sit down and play together, reconnect with one another? We also consider the ease of setting up the game or toy, making sure that it is something that can be pulled out of the toy box and played quickly, because who really wants to spend 30 minutes setting something up? We consider the mess and clutter factor too. Our toy development team keeps us on our toes to be sure that we are giving you the biggest bang for your buck.

Using Our Puzzles

Our math jigsaw puzzles, phonics puzzles, and map puzzles are the perfect storm of challenging and fun learning. While your little learner might be hearing about the skills in their classroom, breaking out one of our puzzles after dinner on an otherwise boring weeknight can reinforce that learning in a hands-on way. Your child will enjoy the challenge of the puzzle, and the matching aspect of our phonics and math puzzles will help your child practice new skills. Finally, the bright colors and pictures will keep your elementary schooler engaged all the way until they complete the puzzle. It’s a win-win-win.

Find out what your little guy or gal is studying in school or what they are struggling with. Our puzzles offer a fun way to practice their skills, without frustration. Pick the perfect one for your family and toss it in your shopping cart today!