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Outdoor Play

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GeoSafari® Jr.® Bug Scene Investigator Kit
Ages 5-9
Step right up and try your hand!
Peek beneath the water’s surface!
Ages 3+
Plug in… and listen in!
Ages 6+
Get up close and personal…with bugs!
Ages 3+
BBQ Blitz!®
Ages 4+
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Outdoor Play

It’s no secret that children love playing outdoors. However, in the digital age, kids are becoming more and more glued to their tablet screens and gaming systems and missing out on the fresh air and sunshine that they need. At Educational Insights, we’ve got the outdoor play toys for your kids that will get them off their iPads and out under the sun and stars! Best of all, because our toys are specifically designed with educational and development purposes in mind, your kids will be getting the nourishment they need both mentally and physically.

Our Toy Development Team

Leading our quest to create the very best educational toys is our toy development team. We’re not ones to brag, but these toy developers are the bee’s knees. Our team is made up of people who were handpicked because of their experience with kids and expertise with children’s learning curriculum—professional educators and seasoned parents.

We know that kids were built to play outside and that nature can truly be the best classroom. Our outdoor play toys maximize your child’s curiosity and learning, all while being fun. Plus, because the parents on our toy development team know how rough things can get, our toys are made to be safe and durable. You won’t be pitching our outdoor play toys after summertime, as our toys are made to handle your child—and the neighborhood—from summer to summer.

Outdoor Play

Now that you’ve met our toy development team, you can take some time to check out what they came up with—our rad outdoor play toys. You’ll see that our toys can help your child turn a sandbox into a dinosaur dig, or a trip to the neighborhood stream into a science lesson. Our active play games can get your little learner up and moving, and our telescope toys can keep your kiddo learning even when the sun goes down. Your child will love the added adventure that our toys add to their time outdoors, and you will love that they are working on skill reinforcement while they play.

Here’s the deal. We know that your kiddos are going to love any of our outdoor play toys. However, if you find that your Educational Insights toy is collecting more rainwater outside than playtime, you can return it for a full refund for up to a year after your purchase. We’re that confident that our toys will hit a home run with your kids.

At Educational Insights, we have something for every age level, skill level, and subject. You have nothing to lose. Smear on some sunscreen and browse our collection. Add a few to your shopping cart and get ready to put away the video games.