Kitchen Toys for Toddlers │ Encourage Imagination Through Play
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Kitchen & Cooking

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Chet the Cat™ and Friends Cooking Set
Ages 3+
Dishes Set
Ages 4-6
Pots 'n Pans
Ages 3-6
Ages 3-6
Grill-and-Go Camp Stove
Ages 4-7
Classroom Café Dining Play Set
Ages 2-7
Kitchen and Cooking

Your kitchen is the heart of your home! Even if you are not a gourmet chef, chances are your family spends quite a bit of time in the kitchen. Your preschooler can sense that your kitchen is the hub of the home, which is why he or she always seems to find a way to your feet while you chop and saute. You have probably noticed that kitchen toys for toddlers are a dime a dozen; you can find so many options at so many stores. However, ours are different.

We know that your little one loves to “play” kitchen. Even better, we know the educational importance of that pretend play. Our team of toy designers are seasoned educators and parents, so they know how your little cook’s mind works and develops. When your child is whipping something up in the kitchen, he or she is learning a whole lot more than you think. We understand just how much he or she is learning, and we have developed kitchen toys for toddlers to support that growth. Check out our recipe for fun, and educational, pretend play.

A Tablespoon of Fun

Our toy development team knows that colorful designs and friendly faces go a long way in getting your child to pick our toys out of their toy box. Our kitchen toys for toddlers are made to be captivating and fun, with vibrant colors and interactive buttons and sounds. Your child is sure to make friends with our pal Chet the Cat™ as he or she sets up a kitchen with plates, blender, mixer, and kettle. Our fun designs will help your child create an extra-fun imaginative experience.

A Cup of Education

Our Chef’s Specialty is adding the educational component to our toys and games. That is what makes our kitchen toys for toddlers better than the rest. Pretend play not only helps toddlers with vocabulary development, but pushing buttons and setting the table can help with fine motor development too. Our toy development team worked hard to make our interactive toys teach and reinforce a cause-and-effect relationship as well.

For instance, our Chet the Cat™ toys also come with placemats that you can download for your little one to color, which adds to the fun of an Educational Insights kitchen experience.

A Dash of Durability

Finally, all of our toys are made to be durable and withstand years of whatever your little chef can throw at them. If you find that our kitchen toys aren’t the best in your toybox, you can return them to us for a full refund, for up to a year after purchase.

Take a look at our kitchen toys and prepare to smile. Your little one will be making you pretend sandwiches and soup before you know it. We hope you find the perfect toy to get your child started. Bon appétit!