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Creative & Imaginative Play

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Playfoam® Combo 8-Pack
Ages 3-8
Playfoam® Classic 4-Pack
Ages 3-8
Playfoam® Sparkle 4-Pack
Ages 3-8
Design & Drill® Activity Center
Ages 3-6
Playfoam® Combo 20-Pack
Ages 3-8
Design & Drill® Take-Along Toolkit
Puppet-on-a-Stick™ (set of 3)
Ages 4+
Puppet-on-a-Pen™ Set of 3
Ages 3+
Design & Drill® Power Tool Workshop
Ages 3+
GeoSafari® Jr. Light Writer
Design & Drill® Drill
Ages 3-6
Grill-and-Go Camp Stove
Ages 4-7
String-Along Lacing Kit and Pattern Cards
Ages 4-7
Playfoam® Class Pack
Ages 3-9
Magnetic Art
Ages 3-6
Design & Drill® Fun Bolts
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Creative and Imaginative Play

Children were born to be creative. They turn their playhouse into a boat or rocket ship, and turn bedsheets and a few chairs into a fairy cave or army fort. Harnessing and nurturing that creativity can be challenging without the right tools and toys. Good thing we are really good at making creative toys for toddlers.

We value the importance of play. We are an educational toy company, after all—but we also have formed a team of folks who value education just as much as entertainment, if not more. Our super squad of toy developers is a one-two punch, full of both experienced educators and seasoned parents. Each of these specialties comes with the desire to nurture and encourage your little one’s creativity and imagination. When you get this team together around a table, the creative sparks fly, resulting in award-winning creative toys for toddlers and for kids of all ages.

Pretend Play Is Our Jam

When your child plays house, there is a lot of learning going on in his or her developing brain. You see, kids learn valuable social skills and emotional skills through pretend play, in addition to verbal and motor skills. Our toy inventors understand the importance of pretend play to your child’s development, and they put a lot of time and love into our pretend play toys.

From our pal Chet the Cat™ to our Design and Drill® toys, your little one can become anything that they can imagine. Our creative toys for toddlers get high fives from parents and professionals, as well as awards from parent boards. Everyone loves our pretend play toys, and the best part is that each of our toys has a learning component, in addition to encouraging that growing imagination. Go ahead and let your little pretender become a chef, a Mama, an explorer, a builder, or a combination of everything. You just need to set out the toy and watch the magic happen as your child starts to play.

Set the Stage

Our creative toys for toddlers do more than just encourage pretend play. We also have plenty of toys that will let your little one express him or herself in different ways. For example, take a look at our Puppet-on-a-Stick™ sets. Your kids will love the dinosaurs and sea creatures that have funny faces and “talk” when they push the lever. Little do they know that as they play, they are also working on fine motor skills and verbal development, on top of growing their imagination.

When our toy team developed Playfoam®, they had your budding artist in mind. Check out this no-mess foam that your child can play with in the house or in the car. Watch as something as perfectly simple as Playfoam® can hold your child’s attention and transport them into their own creative world.

Your child was made to pretend, to imagine, and to create. Check out what we have to offer—we are certain you will find something perfect for your creative, curious child.