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Active Play

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Let’s get movin’!
Ages 3+
Alphabet Beanbags
Ages 3-5
Scratchy, slippery, silky, or soft?
Ages 3-5
Shapes Beanbags
Ages 3-6
Number Beanbags
Ages 3-6
Colors Beanbags
Ages 3-5
Fast-action phonics fun!
Step right up and try your hand!
Phonics Beanbags
Ages 4-7
Super-stackable building bricks!
What a whacky workout!
Ages 4+
Active Play

We don’t know if you’ve noticed this yet, but kids are meant to move! They aren’t exactly known for their desire to sit down all day and hang out on the couch. Instead, little ones are on the move from the moment they can crawl (or roll) on their own. Little learners are exploring and examining everything around them as they run, jump, and play.

Here at Educational Insights, we know that your little one has a desire to move. You see, our toy inventors have created some of the best active-play toys around. Best of all, besides getting your kiddo up and at ‘em, the toys we create also exercise their brain.

Our Team, the Dream Team

All of our active-play toys start out in our toy development department. The team with the best ideas also has the best credentials—educators and parents. Our experienced educators know important milestones and pertinent curriculum, and are familiar with how your child’s mind works and develops. Our parents help keep things realistic around the idea table. They are the ones making sure our toys and games are safe, durable, and child-centric. It takes each side of the coin—the educators and the parents—to make our toys so awesome.

When it comes to active-play toys, our creators came up with lots of options. From bean bag games to reinforce numbers to a specialized game of catch that teaches phonics, they thought of everything. If your child loves to throw, dance, or build, you can find something just right to keep him or her moving and learning.

Not Just Play

Our dream team of educators and parents have worked hard to assure that our active-play toys promote gross motor skill development, fine motor skill development, listening skills, imagination, and even vocabulary. Take it from us—your little one will be learning so much along the way, and they will be having too much fun to stop!

If you find that the toy you have chosen for your child isn’t quite right for him or her, you have our promise that you can return it for a full refund for up to a year after purchase. We’re that confident about our toys and games.

You know the specific benefits of active play for your child. Perhaps he sleeps better after participating in active play, or perhaps you have noticed that she has an increased attention span after a rousing game of tag. Our toy development team knows how to integrate the benefits of running around and learning. Check out our options. We bet you will have a hard time choosing just one to bring into your home.