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Ages 5-7

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Magic Moves® Jammin' Gym™
Ages 4+
GeoSafari® Jr. Underwater Explorer Boat
Ages 3+
Pancake Pile-Up!™ Relay Game
Ages 4+
Robot Face Race™
Ages 4+
Hot Dots® Laugh It Up! Math Vocabulary Cards, Grades 1-3
Ages 6-9
Crazy Cereal™ Electronic Game
Ages 4+
Frankie's Food Truck Fiasco Game™
Ages 4+
Hot Dots® Let's Master Grade 1 Reading
Ages 6+
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Ages 5–7

Your child is off to kindergarten—how did that happen so quickly?! Whether you are excited to see the start of a new journey in elementary school or teary-eyed at drop-off, you can agree that the first years in elementary school help to shape your child’s attitude for learning. You might not be with your child in the classroom day to day, but you are at home with him or her during the evenings and weekends, and what you do together during this time matters. It can be difficult to find educational toys that everyone will enjoy, but we’ve got you covered.

Our team knows the importance of skill reinforcement during evenings, weekends, and summers. However, we also know that forcing your kindergartener to work on school stuff can make him or her end up resenting the extra work. We focus our efforts on making toys that are so much fun, your child won’t even notice that he or she is working on math or reading skills. If you are looking for toys for 5-year-olds that will keep them laughing and learning, you have come to the right place.

Our Team

All of our toys for 5-year-olds are developed with years of research and personal experience in mind. Our team is made up of professional educators and seasoned parents. They know the curriculum your child is learning, the skills your kids are working on, and the need to learn and have fun simultaneously.

This dream team knows all about how your little learner’s brain works, developing toys to complement and engender mental and social development. They know that our toys for 5-year-olds need to be interactive, hands on, and accessible.

What We Offer

Browse our toys and games for your little learner. We are confident you will find the perfect addition to your family that highlights your child’s interests, skills, and abilities. Need extra help with math facts or test readiness? Check out our Hot Dots® Jr. system. Would you like to get your child to work on verbal skills or emotional awareness? Our Puppet-On-A-Stick™ can offer him or her the chance to use pretend play to reinforce and practice those skills.

Know what else is awesome? Many of our toys are award winning, which means that you don’t have to take our word for it. Parents and toy award boards from across the country have given us recognition for our dedication to educational toys and games. Check us out and grab something for your shopping cart. Your little one will love it, and so will you!