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Teacher Resources

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Smens® Pens Set of 4
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Teacher Resources

We offer teacher supplies and resources that you will love and use day to day in your classroom. We are big fans of teachers here at Educational Insights, and we love that you are passionate about the education you give your students. We know that you deserve your summer breaks, even though you are often thinking about and planning for your next school year when you are supposed to be recharging and relaxing.

You are immeasurably important to the development and education of the children you teach. The words you say, and the tone in which you say them, are crucial to promoting a positive outlook on learning for your students. The least we can do is give you the supplies and resources that will help you focus on your job.

For Your Curriculum

We develop toys and games that will supplement and reinforce curriculum that you are teaching day to day to your students. While our educational toys and games work well in a home environment connecting parents and kids, our teacher supplies can also be a fabulous addition to your learning centers or group activities. Our Classroom Jeopardy® system aims to make your life easier by giving you an easy way to customize games for your classroom and engage your little learners. We also offer affordable solutions to enhance your curriculum. For example, our Loud & Clear Headphone System can easily transform a part of your classroom to a 4-person audio learning center, all for well under $100.

You love your students, and so do we. Let’s work together to give them the best chance to review the skills you are teaching them in a fun and hands-on way, all without giving you a ton of extra work to complete outside of the classroom.

For Your Classroom

The brains behind our teacher supplies and resources know just what you want for your classroom. They know you because they are you. Our team is chock full of experienced educators, coming from a variety of grade level backgrounds. We know that sometimes a smelly pencil, like our Smencils®, can transform ordinary homework into something extra special. We also know that the bright florescent lighting in your classroom can be overstimulating and not conducive to learning, and that something as simple as a light filter can ease added stress for students. We design everything, from totes to personal laminators, with you in mind.Take the next few minutes and browse what we have to offer. You’re already a superhero to us.