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Special Needs

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Special Needs

Parents, we salute you. We know that you are in the trenches every day, working to make sure that your child is learning and engaging with the world around them. When you’re raising a special needs child, you go through a different set of challenges than the average parent. Though it’s rewarding, we recognize that it can also be extremely difficult, and the least we can do is give you the resources you need to make learning accessible and still fun.

We know that children are as different from one another as can be. Some learn by listening and some by touching, some develop verbal skills early and some need to rely on other forms of communication to get their point across. If you are searching for toys and games for children with special needs, whatever those needs might be, we have created this page just for you. No need to sift through the entire web just to find resources that can help your child learn better. We have compiled all of our toys and games for children with special needs right here; you will find something for every age level, skill level, and interest. Check them out and see how we can fit right into your home, and your toy box.

Our Specialists

Each child is different, and we create toys and games for children with special needs because we believe that every child’s education is important. Our expert toy development team is made up of seasoned educators and parents equipped with the knowledge and experience to give your child the tools he or she needs to succeed.

Our professional educators are familiar with the curriculum that your child is learning in school. Better yet, they know how to create the perfect game that will let your child cut loose and have fun. Our team strives to give your child toys that will help grow learning and confidence. From tranquil light filters to tame overstimulating fluorescent lights, to interactive Playfoam® for sensory and tactile play, we have something for your little learner. The other half of our toy development team consists of seasoned parents who help us keep it real around our toy development table. These parents advocate for toys and games for children with special needs that are fun for the whole family.

Our Promise

We want your child to succeed and feel confident when he or she is learning something new by offering fun, educational tools that will take the frustration out of learning. You’ll find that our toys and games are safe and durable, ready to be played with for years to come. If you end up finding that your child isn’t smitten with his or her new toy, send it back for a full refund. You have a whole year to take us up on our offer, but we’re confident you won’t need to. Find something that matches how your child learns best, and get ready for a little bit of confidence and a lot of fun to arrive on your doorstep.