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Games & Puzzles

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Games and Puzzles

Children of any age learn best through play. When they are playing and laughing, they are able to learn without the stress that more traditional learning sometimes creates. When kids play, they are able to explore the world around them and create another world entirely. We know the value of fun and play when it comes to learning. In fact, our kids board games are developed and designed to combine education and fun. The result is laughing kids who are learning along the way, and happy parents playing along with them.

About Us

We know a little bit about how kids learn. Scratch that. We know a lot about how kids learn. Here at Educational Insights, we are committed to giving kids, parents, and teachers toys and games that are rooted in supporting educational curricula and that are fun enough to engage even the toughest critic. All of our toys, including our kids board games, start with our development team. This team is in charge of the design and creation of toys and games that are simultaneously fun and educational. Made up of professional educators with real classroom experience and seasoned parents who help us keep it real, this dream team comes up with the award-winning kids board games and toys that our customers love. Between our educators and our parents, we are able to make toys and games that can support the skills your child is learning in school and that are so fun that your first grader won’t want to reach for your tablet or cell phone. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out our customer reviews as well as the awards that many of our toys and games have won. We know that if you give us a try, you and your child will be an Educational Insights fan too.

We love updating our kids toys sale page. As we put our award-winning, educational toys and games on our sale page, we get excited thinking about all the living rooms and classrooms that will soon have a new favorite toy. If you find that you don’t love what you ordered, our Giddy Guarantee allows you to return it for a full refund within a year of purchase. But we think that your new toy or game from Educational Insights will be one of the most used in the toy box.

About Out Kids Board Games

Our board games aren’t just for one particular age or stage. Instead, we have board games that can hold your preschooler’s attention and board games that will keep your elementary schooler engaged. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, settle in, and take some time to explore our different toys and games. We know that we have something just for you and your child. Our preschool games are great for teaching number and letter recognition, as well as skills like counting and creativity. For the older kiddos, check out our strategy-building games that will help them work on problem solving and critical thinking. If your little one is struggling with math or reading, or just needs some extra practice, our board games are a great way to make learning fun.

We have done all the work to make sure that our games are educational and support developmental milestones. Then, we made sure that the games were fun and that your kids would actually want to play them. The next step is up to you—choosing one for your family. You are just a few clicks away from some seriously fun learning.