Common Core Math Standards | Tools to Help Kids Succeed
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Hot Dots® Grade 4: Standards-Based Math Review Cards
Ages 9-10
Hot Dots® Grade 3: Standards-Based Math Review Cards
Ages 8-9
Hot Dots® Grade 1: Standards-Based Math Review Cards
Ages 6-7
Hot Dots® Grade 5: Standards-Based Math Review Cards
Ages 10-11
Hot Dots® Grade 2: Standards-Based Math Review Cards
Ages 7-8
Quiz Whiz™
Ages 6-14
Math Vocabulary Comic Relief Grades™ Grades 4-6
Ages 9-12
Math Vocabulary Comic Relief™ Grades 1-3
Ages 6-9
MathShark® Class Pack
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Common Core Math

Early childhood and elementary school teachers, you are true renaissance men and women. Jacks of all trades, if you will. You are teaching your students not only the three Rs, but also a wealth of important social skills that will carry them through their lives. Yes, you can teach your student how to add and subtract, as well as how to stand up for other students. You do it all! We know that the Common Core math standards and reading standards might have thrown you for a bit of a loop. Between working to align your curriculum, adjusting your students to new ways of learning, and educating parents on why things are changing, you might be feeling a little bit overwhelmed. We get it, and we want to help. Let us partner with you to align and enhance your curriculum through our educational toys, games, and resources.

How We Know What We’re Doing

We can talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to Common Core math standards. Our toys, games, and resources are developed by a team of professional educators. We have classroom experience and have been following the Common Core math standards and reading standards for years now. While our number-one priority is always giving kiddos a fun way to play and learn at the same time, we also have a soft spot for fellow teachers. We have compiled this special list, taking time to sift through all of our award-winning and parent-approved toys and games to find ones that will help to align your curriculum to the Common Core math standards. It is a one-stop shop for things that will make your job a little bit easier, and your classroom a little bit more fun.

What You Should Do Next

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and take some time to browse through our toys, games, and resources. You will love the fact that many of our toys and games have been nationally recognized and awarded. You will also love that the toys and games make the perfect addition to your classroom, and that you can incorporate them into your curriculum with not a lot of extra fuss. Choose a game or two to bring out when your students need a little bit of extra skill reinforcement and practice, and play together as a fun review before a test or assessment. Or, pick a toy that will add a little pizazz and laughter to your learning or activity stations throughout your classroom. We have something for every age, stage, interest, and standard. Your kiddos will not even mind the extra math practice they are getting because they will be having too much fun. Trust us, we can turn any math skill into a game guaranteed to get your students engaged and playing. From fractions to number recognition, math fact memorization to recall speed, we make it all fun. So, what are you waiting for? Find something perfect for your class now!