Common Core Reading Standards | Reach Educational Goals Through Play
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English Language Arts

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Hot Dots® Standards-Based Language Arts 1
Ages 6+
Ages 7-12
Hot Dots® Standards-Based Language Arts 2
Ages 7+
Hot Dots® Standards-Based Language Arts 3
Ages 8+
Hot Dots® Standards-Based Language Arts 4
Ages 9+
3-D Life Cycles Demonstration Magnets
Ages 5+
Hot Dots® Standards-Based Language Arts 5
Ages 10+
Book Blog Writing Activity Center
Ages 8-14
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Common Core Reading

Teachers, we know that your job is hard enough already. The addition of the Common Core might have left you feeling a little overwhelmed as you struggle to introduce the standards to your classroom. We are here to help. We think that you are doing a great job, but we want to provide you with resources that cut down on the numerous extra hours that you are putting in after class is dismissed. Let us partner with you to make your classroom curriculum better aligned with the Common Core reading standards.

How We Can Help

When you talk about the Common Core to people who aren’t teachers, it can seem like you are speaking an entirely different language full of ELA and standard numbers like RL.2.1 and RI.1.6. Here’s the great thing about us—we speak your language. Our staff is fully up to date on all of the Common Core reading standards and math standards. The team behind our educational toys, games, and resources is composed of experienced educators who have been following the Common Core train since it rolled out of the station. Our team knows about the Common Core reading standards, as well as what that it means for a classroom curriculum and how to align your curriculum while keeping your students engaged.

Here’s what it comes down to for us: we want to make your job easier. We strive to give you resources that you will actually want to use, and to give your students educational toys and games that allow them to practice new skills while having fun. Our games, toys, and resources on this page support the Common Core reading standards and are easy (and fun!) to implement in your classroom. You will love how our toys and games enhance and align your curriculum, all while keeping your kiddos engaged and asking to play again.

How To Get Started

Now that you know that we are more than just a toy company, let’s talk about how we can foster real education. Take a look at our toys, games, and resources to find something perfect to add to your classroom. Whether you choose a game to play as group review, or a toy to add to an activity or learning station, we know that you will be pleased with the result. In fact, we are so sure that you and your students will love our toys and games that we will put our money where our mouth is. If you find that you aren’t satisfied with what you ordered, or if your students pass it over, simply return it to us for a full refund anytime within a year of purchase. You can be confident that our toys, games, and resources are educationally focused. Take a look and you will find something for every age, stage, interest, and preference. You’re only a few clicks away from adding a little bit of extra alignment and fun into your classroom. We know you’ll love it!