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Common Core

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Hot Dots® Grade 5: Standards-Based Math Review Cards
Ages 10-11
Hot Dots® Flash Cards, More Addition Facts 10-19
Ages 6-9
Hot Dots® Flash Cards, Subtraction Facts 0-13
Ages 6-9
Hot Dots® Flash Cards, Multiplication Facts 0-9
Ages 6-11
English Language Arts Customize Your Search
Ages 7-99
Hot Dots® Laugh it Up! Vocabulary Development Cards - Synonyms
Ages 7+
Hot Dots® Laugh it Up! Vocabulary Development Cards - Antonyms
Ages 7+
Everyday Uses Rock & Card Set
Ages 8-12
Common Core

Teachers, we know that you are inundated, and possibly overwhelmed, with implementing Common Core into your classroom. At the very least, it presents a major change to the way that you teach and your students learn. Between finding pertinent nonfiction texts to supplement your ELA curriculum, and thinking of ways to make base ten notation fun for your 2nd graders, it can seem like you are revamping everything and starting all over. We feel you, and we’re here to help. We’re Educational Insights. You might have seen our magazines in the break room, but you may have not have given us much thought. Rest assured that we have Common Core Standards toys and games that you’ll love.

Resources To Help Your Students

Your students all learn differently, but one thing all children have in common is that they learn best through play. How do we know? Because our toy development team knows a lot about kids, especially in classroom settings. You see, the creative force behind things like our Common Core Standards toys and games is our toy development team, and it is made up of experienced educators and seasoned parents. Our team has been following and learning along with all of you as the Common Core came into the education world. We know the standards that you are striving to meet, and we created our Common Core Standards toys and games with you and your students in mind. One of the best things about our Common Core Standards toys and games is that each seamlessly reinforces the standards, without a lot of extra prep work or fanfare. The last thing you need is a lot of extra work or rework, and we strive to make the kinds of toys that you can easily incorporate into any learning station.

Resources To Help You

Our toys and games are made to be durable, and your students can play them for years to come. We have something for every age, stage, and ability. All you have to do is decide which one (or few) you want to start with. If you find that your students aren’t loving them as much as you had hoped, simply return them to us for a full refund. You have a whole year to take us up on the offer, but we are confident that your students will love the exciting addition to class. We aren’t here to make your job harder. We know that you already put in so many extra hours and that you are devoted to your students. We are here to help you, and our toys are an easy way to reinforce Common Core Standards in your classroom. Your students will love playing something new, and you will love knowing that your students are learning and reinforcing skills along the way. Well done, teacher. What are you waiting for? Check out all the goodies that we have and choose one that matches your curriculum.