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Discount Educational Toys

If you are looking for discount educational toys that still pack an educational punch, you have hit the jackpot. We are Educational Insights, and we are committed to creating some of the best educational toys and games around. We love our customers and we love to offer big deals on some of our fun and educational toys. Here, you will find the newest items on sale so that you can scoop them up before anyone else does. We guarantee that you will meet your family or classroom budget with these fun finds. Have fun checking us out!

About Us

If you happened upon us while searching for discount educational toys, we are happy you are here. We love making new friends and can’t wait to show you why we are so much more than just another toy company. Here at Educational Insights, each of our toys and games starts with knowing all about how the minds of little learners work. Our toy development team knows a thing or two about making toys and games that speak directly to a child’s love for play and exploration. You see, our toy development team is made up of both professional educators with years of real classroom experience and seasoned parents who are in the trenches, parenting kiddos from preschool to elementary school. Between these two perspectives, we are able to create discount educational toys and games that align with the curriculum that your little one is learning at school. The best part about our educational toys and games? They are fun!

About Our Toys and Games

Each of our toys and games is rooted in educational content and in the knowledge that kiddos learn best through play. From exploring nature to learning reading readiness skills, our toys and games cover a variety of needs and skills. You will find that most of our toys are completely unplugged, with only a few requiring no more than batteries. We think that your child’s imagination will take them on adventures that are much better than any tablet. Plus, our toys and games are safe and built to last for years to come. These discount educational toys and games will be a hit in your living room or in the classroom. You will find that your kiddos will be asking to play again and again. And, if you find that you don’t love your new toy or game, our Giddy Guarantee allows you to return it for a full refund for up to a year of purchase. We are confident, though, that your child will eagerly start exploring and creating with our toys and games right away. Our Latest Additions are the newest to receive a pricing discount. Check back often to see if your favorite toy is on sale. So, what are you waiting for? We have award-winning toys and games for every age, stage, and ability. And we have them on sale! Go on and start exploring so that you can snatch up these latest additions sooner rather than later.