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Almost Gone

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Money SpinZone® Magnetic Whiteboard Games
Ages 4-7
Classroom Jeopardy!® Extra Score Boards, Remotes & Answer Boards
Ages 6-14
Pipsqueak Squeezers™ (set of 4)
Ages 3+
Phonics Pad
Ages 3-6
Discount Educational Toys

If you are searching for discount educational toys that your little learner will actually want to play with, you are in the right place. We are Educational Insights, a company that is dedicated to creating the best educational toys and games to foster creativity and encourage learning in children of all ages and stages. Like you, we also love a good sale. Nothing quite gets the blood pumping like catching an amazing and high-quality product for a low price, now does it? Well, get ready to get excited as you scroll through some of our educational toys and games that are still amazing, but that we need to clear out sooner than later. You will get discount educational toys for a great price, and we will get to make some room for even more educational toys and games to serve families and classrooms. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Who We Are

While you might get our toys and games at a low price, you certainly are not getting low quality. The toy development team that creates each of our toys and games is chock full of professional educators with years of classroom experience and seasoned parents who know what it is like to parent kiddos from preschool to elementary school. Between these two groups, our development team knows quite a bit about curriculum and milestones and creates toys and games to support you and your child. Our educational toys clearance enables us to give our customers the chance to grab our award-winning toys and games at a steal of a price. These toys and games are almost gone, meaning we won’t have them around for much longer. We need to make way for newer creations, and have cut prices for these discount educational toys in order to make that happen.

About Our Toys and Games

In addition to being educational and fun, each of our toys and games is built to be safe and durable. We want your little learners to enjoy them for months and years to come. In fact, we hope that your Educational Insights purchase becomes one of your family favorites. If you find that you don’t absolutely love what you order, our Giddy Guarantee allows you to return it for a full refund up to a year after you buy it. We are that confident that your little one will love the toy or game that you choose, and that you will love knowing that the toy was built on solid educational foundations. Whether you are shopping for your little one, or for classroom supplies, or even to restock your birthday party gift stash, we know that you will find something perfect here. But you have to start shopping now in order to grab these deals before they are outta here. Be sure to check back regularly, too, because you never know when a toy or game that you’ve had your eye on will go on sale. What are you waiting for? Start shopping!