Smencils │ Writing and Drawing Won't Stink with These Fun Pencils
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30 Smens® Set
Ages 6+
Smens® Pens Set of 4

Sometimes, homework and drawing can get a bit dull. If you are looking for a way to make ordinary writing a bit more extraordinary, you have to check out our Smencils®. Our toy development team has taken run-of-the-mill pencils to a new, utterly fantastic level. Our team, made up of experienced educators and seasoned parents, knows that sometimes your little learner needs an extra-special way to break up the monotony of homework, but also recognizes that it needs to be extra easy for busy parents as well. Our take on the ordinary pencil will breathe some extra life into your child’s writing or drawing sessions.

Introducing: the Smencil®. It functions just as a pencil does, but it’s much cooler. It is environmentally conscious, and it smells better than your typical yellow No. 2. We think that you will be pleasantly surprised at how something as simple as a scented pencil can make your child’s evening homework at the kitchen table feel more exciting. Hey, if our Smencils® stop one homework-related fight, we consider it a win. How about you?

How Smencils® Are Different

These fragrant pencils come in fun scents like cinnamon, cotton candy and watermelon. Plus, unlike most other scented pencils, our Smencils® keep their scent for up to 2 years!

Our Smencils® are also good for the environment, as they are made of recyclable materials. These scented pencils are made with 100% recycled newspaper, which is not only a great thing for the earth, but it is also a wonderful lesson in recycling. You and your child will be able to see the layers of newspaper inside each scented pencil when you sharpen them. This can be a wonderful opportunity to show your child that an everyday chore like putting the newspaper in the recycling bin really does matter to the earth.

Seriously. Are Your Smencils® Magic?

Children love them so much that they trade the various pens and pencils to try all of their favorite smells. So are these Smens and Smencils magic? Yes. Yes, they are.

You can purchase our Smencils® in bags of 10 for your home. If you are a teacher, consider grabbing one of our larger sets for your classroom. Pass them out for your students to use for the day as a reward for good behavior, or tuck them in activity centers where you want to get a few extra visitors that week.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with pens too. That’s right, Smens®—scented pens that write in black ink. Pick up a pack for your class or home today and see if it helps make homework, drawing, and writing a little bit more fun for your little learner.