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Hot Dots® Jr.

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Hot Dots® Jr. Getting Ready for School Set
Ages 4-6
Hot Dots® Jr. Beginning Problem Solving Card Set
Ages 3-6
Hot Dots® Jr. Phonics Fun
Ages 4-7
Hot Dots® Jr. Interactive Storybooks - 4 Book Set with Ace Pen
Ages 4+
Learning Numbers & Counting Set
Ages 3+
Hot Dots® Jr. On The Go–Early Reading & Math
Ages 3+
Ages 3+
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Hot Dots Jr.

By now, you have probably realized that your preschooler is learning something new daily. The constant questions of “why” and “how come” have become a part of your family’s regular conversation, and you have likely googled something your child asked because you weren’t quite sure of the answer yourself. Your child is in prime learning time; your response to and encouragement of this desire to learn will shape how he or she views education in the future. No pressure, right?

Educational Insights wants to help you and your child along this journey by offering the best educational toys that support your little one’s growing love for learning. We have some of the best toy inventors in the business. Experienced educators and parents, they have been teaching early childhood and helping little minds form. We are confident that our Hot Dots® Jr. system will get you and your preschooler excited about school and ready to learn foundational skills.

Hot Dots® Jr. Pen

Meet our Hot Dots® Jr. mascot, the blue dog Ace. He is an interactive pen that makes our workbooks a little more interesting. Your little one will learn how to correctly hold the pen (hooray for fine motor skill development!), and will press the pen to our workbooks or cards to hear Ace. Depending on what you are working on, Ace might name a letter, give a letter’s sound, or offer a word of encouragement or redirection. Your little one is sure to love getting Ace out and hearing what he has to say. It is a wonderful learning tool that is unplugged and will get your preschooler away from the screen of a tablet, phone, or television.

The Ace pen works great at home or in a classroom. Purchase one Ace pen and it will work with all of our Hot Dots® Jr. books and cards.

Hot Dots® Jr. Books and Cards

Now that you have met Ace, you can put him into action with any of our workbooks or cards. You have choices to find just the right combination of skills to work on with your preschooler. From reading readiness to pattern identification and completion, our Hot Dots® Jr. products have you covered. Take a moment to pick one or two options to start with your little one, based on his or her abilities and interests.

Our workbooks and cards include many exercises. There are also bonus challenge activities to transition and prepare your child for the next skills. This system is the perfect activity for your child to learn independence, as he or she can do it alone, while you can offer extra help and support when necessary. Your preschooler can learn with Ace and workbooks at the kitchen table while you are cooking dinner. You are near enough to monitor progress and offer encouragement, but your child is becoming confident by completing the activities independently. Everyone wins!