Design & Drill® Drill │ Encourage Creativity and Imagination
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Design & Drill®

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Kid-constructed creations!
Ages 4+
Construction creativity to go!
Ages 3+
Let’s talk tools!
Ages 3+
Power up the fun!
Ages 3-6
Ages 3-6
Design & Drill® Fun Bolts
Ages 3-6
Design & Drill®

Preschoolers love to create, and if you give them the right educational toy, that creativity can soar into so much more. Here at Educational Insights, we understand the power of play, especially when it comes to learning. Each of our educational toys are thoughtfully designed by our team of experienced educators and seasoned parents. Our Design & Drill® toys are no exception—they are fun to play with, and educational too!

You would be hard-pressed to find a preschooler who would not jump at the chance to use their very own power drill or power screwdriver. Combine the fun of specially designed nuts and bolts with activity cards to use when they aren’t designing their own creations, and you have interactive and fun learning at its best.

Design & Drill® Take-Along Toolkit

All of our Design & Drill® toys offer your child the chance to get creative by drilling bolts into our durable base. Your little one can design his or her own creation, or you can up the learning factor by using our Activity Cards to copy pre-designed patterns. Your child will learn and reinforce skills such as pattern recognition, color recognition, and counting.

Our Take-Along Toolkit is the perfect starter kit to purchase for your little designer. It folds out to provide the Activity Board for drilling and closes back up to create a space for storing the electric screwdriver, bolts, and Activity Cards. That’s right—we thought about the mess and created an easy place for your child to stow away the bits and pieces. You just have to buy the 3 AA batteries!

Design & Drill® Socket to Me

Our Socket to Me kit comes with four designs, all ready for your little one. Our boat, rocket, robot, and race car templates need a little spicing up, and we think that your preschooler will be up for the task. Your little one can grab our socket wrench and start adding a bit of color with bolts. While he or she is having fun creating designs, you can revel in the fact that he or she is working on fine motor skills and reinforcing color recognition, along with patterns and counting. Pat yourself on the back, Mom—you picked a great toy!

Take a moment to check out all that our Design & Drill® toys have to offer. We have something for everyone, regardless of your child’s age group or your budget. If you notice your kiddos fighting over who gets to use the drill next (or if you are a teacher who serves a whole gaggle of preschoolers), snatch up our drill or screwdriver a la carte. That way, everyone can get a turn.

So, what are you waiting for? Your little engineer awaits the perfect toy that combines learning and creativity. Browse Educational Insights and learn more about our educational toys today!