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Complete Game Profile
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Only files that have been created with the included Clue Studio software will work on Classroom Jeopardy!. The program creates a game in an HTML file format along with a folder of the audio/video/image files you may have included in the game. Games created in other software applications, such as Word, will not work on Classroom Jeopardy!

To upload the files correctly, you will need to combine the HTML game file and the folder of the media assets (audio/video/image) into a compressed or zipped file before uploading. Instructions on zipping files can be found here:

Previous games that were created in our Jeopardy Editor software (with a JGM extension) can be converted in Clue Studio and uploaded in the same way. Simply open the JGM file in Clue Studio and save.

Clue Studio can be downloaded for free at The program is a Java applet, so you will need to have Java installed on your computer. Java is also available for free download at