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Reading Games

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Read My List!™ Game
Ages 8+
Super Sleuth Vocabulary Game
Ages 8+
Reading Roundup™ Game
Ages 4-7
Speed Grammar
Ages 8-11
Travel Games Set
Ages 7+

You know that reading is an important skill for your child to develop. However, teaching your child to read better can be difficult if you have no idea how to start. We get it—it can be an overwhelming task to start introducing letter sounds to your preschooler or explaining things like idioms to your elementary schooler. Don’t worry. With a little extra help from Educational Insights, you can give your child the necessary skills to succeed in school and develop a love for reading on his or her own.

The key to successful reading skills reinforcement is to add some excitement. Our fun reading games do just that. Plus, our reading toys and games are versatile enough to work at home or in the classroom. It is never too early to start introducing skills to help your emergent reader become curious about letters and words. Why not grab one of our fun reading games or toys to add to your home or class?

Get Started

We don’t expect you to spend countless hours researching how to build reading skills for your child. Instead, we want to take care of the research so that you can sit back and have fun with your little reader. The team behind the development of our fun reading games is made up of professionals who know children the best—educators and seasoned parents. Our educators come from a variety of early childhood and elementary school grade levels, and have classroom experience as well as toy development experience, giving us a one-two punch for reading success. These educators know that phonics are important to young learners, and that mastering skills like making inferences are important for their educational development. They also know worksheets and extra homework is not always the answer for skill reinforcement at home.

Instead, our toys and games are made to be fun and enjoyable for everyone. From Ace - the Talking, Teaching Dog® in our Hot Dots® Jr. system to Sentence Dominoes, we will have your child wanting to read and practice more because they will be having fun doing it.

Keep It Going

Once you find fun reading games for your family to start with, add them to your regular routine of family reading and game nights. As your child’s reading skills develop, visit us again to find toys and games that will reinforce new skills they are working on. We want to be a part of your family for a long time, which is why we focus on developing and designing games for all ages, skill levels, and subjects.

Take a look at what we have to offer to your little learner. You’re just a few clicks away from finding the perfect fun reading games for your child to develop the skills and passion for reading!