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Math Games

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Math Games

Sometimes, math can be a love it or hate it type of skill. Your elementary schooler might ace math skill assessments, or your child might need lots of extra practice to keep from getting frustrated. In either situation, one thing remains true: math requires practice. Repeating multiplication tables and working through fraction problems can get a bit tedious, especially if the practice is in the form of worksheets and homework. However, you won’t have to fight your child to get the extra practice in when you turn math into a game. But could math ever be fun?

Yes! Educational Insights is about to rock your world with an entire selection of kids math games that are not only educational, but also fun. We know, you might be skeptical at first, especially if you are one who falls into the “hate it” camp when it comes to math. Hear us out as we show you that skills + fun = learning.

For Your Home

Stop the homework fights and recitations of math multiplication tables after dinner. Get out one of our games instead. Your child will be reinforcing the same skills, but he or she will have fun doing it and will stick with it longer. How do we know? Because we developed our kids math games with the best creative minds that we know—professional educators and seasoned parents. We know the skills that your child is learning, and we also know that kids work best in play situations. Your little one might freak out when it comes time for math tests, but we know that if you play our games that emphasize fun and play, your child will grow in confidence and have the skills to take that next math test without the added anxiety.

Our toy team has come up with a variety of kids math games for you to choose from. We are sure that we have one that is suited to your child’s abilities and will help him or her develop math skills to succeed in the classroom.

For Your Classroom

Hi there, teachers, we’re glad you stopped by. Remember, we have professional educators on our toy development team, so we know what kids math games you need in the classroom too. You will find that our games are a great addition to your classroom, whether for a fun review before a test, or to add to your independent or small group learning centers. We know that, like your students, you grow tired of worksheets and are looking for a fun way for your students to practice what you are teaching them. Our games are the answer, giving your students a way to learn and practice math in a new, fun way. Get to it and start exploring our educator-developed, parent-tested, and kid-approved math games. Your love for us will only multiply.