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Hot Dots® Jr. Let's Master Kindergarten Reading
Ages 5-6
Hot Dots® Let's Master Grade 1 Reading
Ages 6+
Hot Dots® Let's Master Grade 2 Reading
Ages 7+
Hot Dots® Let's Master Grade 3 Reading
Ages 8+
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New Toys & Games

Whether you are seeking to help your child learn or find the perfect birthday gift, Educational Insights has you covered. We constantly research and find new educational toys and games, developed with your little one in mind. You will find new kids toys that are safe, encourage creativity, celebrate the imagination, and nurture relationships. Your little one will learn something new, whether math facts or fine motor skills, when playing with our toys. But the very best part of our products? Our toys are fun! Smiling, squealing, giggling, unplugged fun. Fun play plus learning is a win-win for both parents and kiddos.

Get Creative

From awesome dino puppets to pretend play sets like Chef the Cat and Friends 4 Piece Chef Set, our new educational toys are designed to get your little one thinking (and playing) outside the box. The seasoned educators and parents who helped develop our products know that creativity blossoms when fun is involved. These new kids toys are ready to help your little one’s creativity take flight.

Celebrate Imagination

Little ones have big imaginations, and if you encourage their creative freedom, your child will grow up with a sense of pride and empowerment. Chet the Cat™ will help to foster your child’s sense of curiosity and imagination, and we’ve got something for every taste. High five and applaud wildly as you watch your child make up stories and discover how things around them work.

Nurture Relationships

In an age when we are all plugged in to tablets, phones, and other electronics, our education toys give everyone in your family the chance to reconnect in real time. Pop some popcorn, jump in your jammies, and have a family game night. You will be surprised by how fulfilling something so “old fashioned” can be. Keep checking back with Educational Insights to find new educational toys for your kids to enjoy and learn from!