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Expert Picks

Meet Mary Jo, game expert

Meet Mary Jo Reutter, a woman with many colorful artistic hats: award-winning Game inventor, graphic designer, interactive media expert and product developer. She has dedicated more than 20 years to helping kids of all ages learn through interactive play.

What tops Mary Jo's list?

Matching, counting, guessing, and color coordinating – choosing from our lineup of exciting learning games can get overwhelming if you only want to pick just one. But don’t worry, Mary Jo is here to share her top picks of learning games for every age and every occasion that’s guaranteed to get everyone interacting, laughing, and most importantly, providing valuable together time. We trust Mary Jo’s awesome picks for you–and she should know, she’s one of our top game inventors, including one of our favorites, the award-winning Even Steven’s Odd™.

Game Picks

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Ages 7-99
Ages 7-99
Ages 7+
The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game™
Ages 3-5
Even Steven’s Odd™
Ages 7+
Pass the Peas™
Ages 8+
Kitten Caboodle™ Game
Ages 4+
The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Card Game!™
Ages 4+
Robot Face Race™
Ages 4+
Marco’s Polos™
Ages 5+
Pancake Pile-Up!™ Relay Game
Ages 4+