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Grades 4-5    Grades 6-8    Grades 9-12

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Grade 4-5

Game Name Author Number Description Download
Basic Esperanto - Updated Martha Cardenas CJ-000682 This international language is neutral, easy to learn, and exception-free. It has NO irregular verbs! It has been spoken by millions of people since 1887 in more than 120 countries. The Internet has fueled its newfound popularity, 1000s are learning it in interactive websites like It makes learning other languages easier and faster too! 2011 - Original
Earth spanish Heather Pineda CJ-001127 Earth spanish review game in spanish for 5th grade texas teks 2011 - Original
Spanish Words Ana Ditchey CJ-000687 Simple spanish vocabulary for elementaty students. 2011 - Original

Grade 6-8

Game Name Author Number Description Download
Amercana Jerome Nawotka CJ-001036 A game that celebrates American personalities and history 2011 - Original
Brain Bowl Espanol Sandra CJ-001058 Spanish Brain Bowl Questions 2011 - Original
Junior High Spanish Cultural Trivia John Fitzer CJ-000305 Cultural trivia of Spanish speaking countires of the world. 2011 - Original
Verbos -AR -ER -IR Monica Berkman CJ-001065 verb conjugations,gustar,la hora 2011 - Original

Grade 9-12

Game Name Author Number Description Download
Costa Rica Victor Parlier CJ-001186 Culture and Geography of Costa Rica 2011 - Original
Easy Spanish Victor Parlier CJ-001184 Easy Spanish Questions 2011 - Original
Ecology Kevin CJ-001055 About Ecology 2011 - Original
Game Name: Spanish 1-1-3 Patrick Boyce CJ-000250 Spansih 1-1-3 Translation 2011 - Original
Game Name: Spanish 1-2-1 Patrick Boyce CJ-000249 Spanish 1-2-1 Class 2011 - Original
Game Name: Spanish 1-4-2 Patrick Boyce CJ-000247 Spanish 1-4-2 Translation 2011 - Original
Game Name: Spanish 1-5-2 Patrick Boyce CJ-000246 Spanish 1-5-2 Vocabulary 2011 - Original
Game Name: Spanish 1-5-3 Patrick Boyce CJ-000251 Spanish 1-5-3 Kitchen 2011 - Original
General Spanish 3 Victor Parlier CJ-001187 This is not Spanish III, it's volume 3 of general Spanish knowledge. 2011 - Original
General Spanish 4 Victor Parlier CJ-001188 This is not for Spanish IV, it's volume 4 of general Spanish knowleddge. 2011 - Original
General Spanish 5 Victor Parlier CJ-001185 Vocabulary, Geography, Actors, Spanish Love Song, and more 2011 - Original
Juntos Uno Repaso Theresa Bray CJ-000967 Review for Chapters 7-12 in the Juntos Uno textbook 2011 - Original
Quarter 1 Final Espanol 3 John Fitzer CJ-000256 Quarter 1 Final, Espanol 3 2011 - Original
Spanish 1-1-1 Vocab Patrick Boyce CJ-000245 Spanish 1-1-1 Introducing 2011 - Original
Spanish 1-1-2 Vocab Patrick Boyce CJ-000252 Spanish 1-1-2 Vocab 2011 - Original
Spanish 1-2-2 Vocab Patrick Boyce CJ-000248 Spanish 1-2-2 Verb Conjugation 2011 - Original