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Grade 2-3

Game Name Author Number Description Download
Direct Instruction Fact Game Detrise H. Fashion CJ-000668 Classroom Reading intervention program Direct Instruction Download
Dr. Seuss Books Rex Backer CJ-000516 Trivia questions about Dr. Seuss and his books. Download
Office Buckle and Gloria Julie Stone CJ-000982 Questiona are from Harcourt Trophies Book 1 Download
Patricia Polacco Books Rex Backer CJ-000522 Trivia questions about Patricia Polacco and her books Download
Phonics Games Helena Simon CJ-000334 Phonics Games Download
PSSA Reading Anchor Practice Grade 3 Nicola Alutius CJ-000509 PSSA, Grade 3, Reading Anchor Practice, Synonyms & Antonyms, Affixes, Fact & Opinion Download
Reading -- 1st Semester Rex Backer CJ-000686 3rd Grade--2002 Scott Foresman Reading--Units 1-3 trivia questions about different stories. Download
Reading -- 2nd Semester Rex Backer CJ-000685 3rd Grade--2002 Scott Foresman Reading--Units 4-6 trivia questions about different stories. Download
Reading Review Andrea Crawford CJ-000882 This reviews basic reading comprehension strategies and skills, mostly geared to 3rd grade. Download
Sharing Stroies Dee Ann Penalver CJ-000469 Open Court Grade 2 Sharing Stories Unit Download
VA Sol Reading Grade 3 Andrea Crawford CJ-000889 Reviews basic concepts of 3rd grade VA SOL curriculum. Download

Grade 4-5

Game Name Author Number Description Download
4th Grade Spelling and Vocabulary Toni Brown CJ-000738 4th Grade Spelling and Vocabulary Words Download
4th Occt Review Jaclyn Bull CJ-001112 Reading and Math questions for 4th grade to review for OCCT test Download
5th Grade Review Bryan Corcoran CJ-000701 Variety of Math, Science, Social Studies, and English Download
5th Grade Standards Mary CJ-000648 A combination of 5th grade standards relating to math and reading. Download
Adjectives Anthony Nguyen CJ-000785 Adjective Review Download
Anne-Frank Debbie Jackson CJ-000303 This game was designed as a review for the Diary of Anne Frank. Download
Animal Farm Review Michael Becksfort CJ-001121 Animal Farm Review Game for High School Freshmen Download
Battle of the Books 3rd & 4th Rodney Janssen CJ-000517 Battle of the Books 2005 3rd and 4th grade Download
Battle of the Books 5th Rodney Janssen CJ-000518 Battle of the Books 2005 5th and 6th grade Download
Basic Esperanto - Updated Martha Cardenas CJ-000682 This international language is neutral, easy to learn, and exception-free. It has NO irregular verbs! It has been spoken by millions of people since 1887 in more than 120 countries. The Internet has fueled its newfound popularity, 1000s are learning it in interactive websites like It makes learning other languages easier and faster too! Download
Crash By Jerry Spinelli J L Rogers CJ-001181 Novel Review Download
Electricity and Magnetism Anthony Nguyen CJ-000854 Electricity and Magnetism Download
Ella Enchanted Kimberly Bertram CJ-000859 Covers the book Ella Enchanted. Download
Gate 12-8-07 Hanna Ma CJ-000997 This games was created by gifted and talented students in grades 3-5. The categories are math, words scramble, this and that, science, spelling, and sports. Download
Glory Field 297-375 Barbeau CJ-001107 Glory Field III pages 297-375 Download
Hatchet Jeremy Badiner CJ-000579 Summary of the Book Hatchet. SJ and DJ are the same. Download
HM Reading Theme 5 Patrick Fielder CJ-001006 Questions based on Houghton Mifflin Reading 5th grade book, theme 5 Download
"Holes" By Louis Sachar Shannon O'Rear CJ-000624 "Holes" by Louis Sachar Download
How to Eat Fried Worms Tina Giesbrecht CJ-000773 From the novel, How to Eat Fried Worms, by Thomas Rockwell. Download
IBD Kerry Paranczak CJ-001207 Island of the Blue Dolphins Download
IBD Kerry CJ-001198 Island of the Blue Dolphins Download
Irregular Verbs Anthony Nguyen CJ-000815 Irregular Verbs Download
Language Arts (1) Yvette Laughlin CJ-000464 Focus on Language Arts (1) Download
Language Arts (2) Yvette Laughlin CJ-000390 Language Arts (2) Categories include grammar and literature Download
Language Arts (3) Yvette Laughlin CJ-000466 Focus on Language Arts (3) Download
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe Double Jeopardy George Lewis CJ-000570 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Download
Little House in the Big Woods Vocabulary Anthony Nguyen CJ-000778 The Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder Vocabulary Download
"Matilda" By Roald Dahl Shannon O'Rear CJ-000689 "Matilda" by Roald Da Download
Mrs. Frisby and the Crow Larry CJ-000720 4th grade reading game- Open Court - Unit 1 - Mrs. Frisby and the Crow Download
My Brother Sam is Dead Vocabulary Kerry CJ-000861 Vocabulary for the novel "My Brother Sam is Dead" Download
Nouns Anthony Nguyen CJ-000939 Nouns, singular, plural, possessive, subject, direct object, common and proper. Download
Number the Stars Double Jeopardy George Lewis CJ-000572 Number the Stars Download
Occt Review #2 Jaclyn Bull CJ-001113 Reading and math for 4th grade review for OCCT test Download
PSSA Prep Ana Ditchey CJ-000654 Review of 4th Grade Math and Reading material to prepare for 4th grade standardized test. Download
Raising Readers Tim Mains CJ-001162 I fixed this after playing it several times. We used it for families at a "Raising Readers" Night. I allowed children and adults to play. When someone got an answer wrong, they had to give up their seat to another player from the audience. The items are almost all about books. Mixed level of clues - Grade 3 up to adult. Download
Reading Olympics Practice 2006 Competition Nicola Alutius CJ-000510 2006 Reading Olympics Questions: Practice Questions From 22 books identified by the MCIU. Download
Reading / Language Review Alonzo Fugate CJ-001013 Review of 5th grade reading and language skills. Download
Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry Vocabulary Brent Fullmer CJ-000894 Vocabulary for "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry" Download
Spanish Words Ana Ditchey CJ-000687 Simple spanish vocabulary for elementaty students. Download
Verbs Anthony Nguyen CJ-000807 Action verbs, being verbs, linking verbs, and helping verbs. Download
Verb Review Part III Anthony Nguyen CJ-000826 Simple and progressive forms of verbs. Is, are, was, were, do, does, there is, there are. Download
Vocabulary Builder Marcia Gresko CJ-000333 Elementary school vocabulary building game: prefixes, root words, homophones Download
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Vocabulary Brent Fullmer CJ-000873 Vocabulary for "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" by L. Frank Baum Download
Words of Art Samantha Lowe CJ-001017 Art Vocabulary Terms Download
The World of Roald Dahl Jason Pazol CJ-001148 This game has topics from 14 of the most popular Roald Dahl books. Download

Grade 6-8

Game Name Author Number Description Download
6th Math Knowledge Map Leander Middle School CJ-000951 6th grade World Cultures vocabulary game Download
6th Grade Language Arts Leander Middle School CJ-001000 Terms and concepts for 6th grade LA Download
7th Grade English Language Arts Review Jennifer Marsh CJ-000271 7th grade English Language Arts review Download
8th Grade LA Taks Tutorial Leander Middle School CJ-000956 8th grade LA TAKS review Download
Chapter 7 Review Tonya Woods CJ-001125 This game includes vocabulary from a science, math, and english: cells, geometry, parts of speech as well as some fun trivia Download
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Martin LaGrow CJ-000545 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory--summarizes the characters and plot of the book Download
Charlie Wilcox Sam CJ-001092 A game based on the novel Charlie Wilcox by Sharon McKay Download
Cristpin, the Cross of Lead Jan Easterwood CJ-000908 Crispin - Cross of Lead Reading Game Questions assessing comprehension of the Newberry Award Winning Novel Download
Draper Battle of the Books Lynne Hawkins CJ-000530 All answers are from the books of Sharon M. Draper Download
English 7th Grade - Chapter 1 Brent Fullmer CJ-000759 Houghton Mifflin 7th Grade: Chapter 1 (sentences) Download
English 7th Grade - Chapter 3 Brent Fullmer CJ-000760 Houghton Mifflin 7th Grade: Chapter 3 (nouns) Download
English 7th Grade - Chapter 5A Brent Fullmer CJ-000761 Houghton Mifflin 7th Grade: Chapter 5 (verbs) Lessons 1-8 Download
English 7th Grade Chapter 5B Brent Fullmer CJ-000817 Houghton Mifflin 7th Grade: Chapter 5 (verbs) Lessons 9-16 Download
English 7th Grade Chapter 7 Brent Fullmer CJ-000818 Houghton Mifflin 7th Grade: Chapter 7 (modifiers) Download
English 7th Grade Chapter 9 Brent Fullmer CJ-000819 Houghton Mifflin 7th Grade: Chapter 9 (Capitalization and Punctuation) Download
English 7th Grade - Chapter 11 Brent Fullmer CJ-000855 Houghton Mifflin 7th Grade: Chapter 11 (Pronouns) Download
English 7th Grade - Chapter 13 Brent Fullmer CJ-000866 English 7th Grade: Chapter 13 (Prepositions) Download
English as Easy as Pie Onessia Mosby CJ-000719 Review for basic reading and grammar skills Download
Glory Fields Barbeau CJ-000962 Glory Field is a novel about a black family during slavery. This game captures the first 3 chapters. Download
Glory Fields II Barbeau CJ-000976 Glory Fields Part Two pages 208-290 Download
Glory Field III Barbeau CJ-001110 Glory Field Part III Download
Identify Different Parts of Speech Martin LaGrow CJ-000546 Identify the part--Given sentences, identify different parts of speech. Download
ILEAP Review Feb 2007 Paul Wayne Devillier CJ-000828 Review for 7th grade iLEAP Assessment Test? Download
Jungle Book Jeff McPherson CJ-001200 Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling Download
The Last Emperor James Thomas CJ-001003 Ancient China: Based on the film, "The Last Emperor." Download
Le Francais I Michael A. Hays CJ-000556 Conversational French (11/21 submission Spelling errors corrected) Download
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Keri Spinks CJ-000948 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Download
The Lightning Thief Barbeau CJ-001182 Chapter 1-13 The Lightning Thief Download
The Lightning Thief Chapter 14-22 Barbeau CJ-001183 The Lightning Thief chapter 14-22 Download
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe Martin LaGrow CJ-000528 The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe quiz Download
Literary Tendencies Marcia Gresko CJ-000341 General middle school literature game: literary terms, classic stories, folklore. Download
Mania Magee By Jerry Spinelli (Chapters 1-21) Keri Spinks CJ-000960 Vocabulary and study questions for the book Maniac Magee - Part 1: Chapters 1-21. Download
MAT/534 Session 2 Brent Fullmer CJ-000911 Fine and Performing Arts Vocabulary Download
Middle School Vocabulary Amber Wilson CJ-000258 Middle School Vocabulary Download
Mysteries/House of Dies Drear Joan Tolle CJ-000742 The Novel House of Die Drears and mystery terms Download
The Outsiders Jacob Collins CJ-001145 Single Jeopardy game of the S. E. Hinton book, The Outsiders. Download
Parts of Speech Martin LaGrow CJ-000539 Parts of speech--identify parts of speech in usage, definitions, etc. Download
Poetry Terms Barbeau CJ-000990 Poetry Terms Download
Prepositions Jan Easterwood CJ-000907 Prepositions. Understand and identify prepositions, prepositional phrases, objects of the preposition. (Grammar Download
"The Ransom of Red Chief" Mcdougal Litell Mrs. Cherylyn Kerley CJ-000916 Vocabulary and review for the story. Download
Reading Knowledge Map Leander Middle School CJ-000957 LA essential knowledge Download
Reading Vocab 3 Linda Knuppel CJ-000627 Vocabulary words for 6th graders are described given the first letter as a clue. There is also a clue as to the number of letters in each word. Download
Rowdy Reading/Language Lingo Onessia Mosby CJ-000718 Review of reading and grammar skills Download
The Spiderwick Chronicles (All 5 Books) Kerri Spinks CJ-000996 The Spiderwick Chronicles (the 5 books not the movie) Download
The Spiderwick Chronicles (All 5 Books)2 Keri Spinks CJ-000998 The Spiderwick Chronicles (the 5 books not the movie) part 2 Download
Tangerine by Edward Bloor Debbie Martin CJ-000584 Game to review the novel "Tangerine" by Edward Bloor Download
That was Then Robert Taterka CJ-000700 That Was Then, This Is Now by S.E. Hinton - A Study Guide Download
To Kill a Mockingbird Matt Oesch CJ-000573 To Kill A Mockingbird Download
Tuck Everlasting George Lewis CJ-000571 Tuck Everlasting Download
Twilight Nancy Kell CJ-001128 Twilight - This game has questions based upon the Twilight series and the Twilight movie. Download
Verbos -AR -ER -IR Monica Berkman CJ-001065 verb conjugations,gustar,la hora Download
The Watsons go to Birmingham Debbie Jackson CJ-000260 This game is a review for the novel "The Watsons go to Birmingham 1963" Download

Grade 9-12

Game Name Author Number Description Download
AP English Language Jennifer Silbaugh CJ-000215 AP English Language Download
AP English Literature Jennifer Silbaugh CJ-000214 AP English Literature Download
AP English Literature review Elizabeth Henry CJ-000883 Review of literary terms and specific plays and novels for the AP English Literature exam Download
Brainbusters Competition Christine Beck CJ-000776 Brain Buster Questions, SAT Type Questions, Vocabulary, Social Studies, Math, Word Problems, More Download
English Nine Tina CJ-000684 English - Grammar and Novels Download
EOC Exam Prep Brady Owens CJ-001201 English I Standards Download
Facing Monsters Shelly Carlton CJ-000601 9th grade Holt, Rinehart, Winston "Elements of Literature" (3rd course), Unit 1, Facing Monsters, Unit Review. Includes review of short stories, literary terms, vocabulary words, and authors Download
The Five People You Meet In Heaven By Mitch Albom Deanna Caldwell CJ-001164 The Five People You Meet in Heaven Download
Latin Root Jeopardy II Pamela Ferris CJ-000831 Six new Single and six new Double Jeopardy categories for Latin Roots! Completely different categories than Latin Roots I game. Download
Puritans/The Crucible Kym Rau CJ-000653 Includes background information on the early exploration of North America, Puritan Beliefs, Arthur Miller, and Mccarthyism and focuses primarily on details surrounding the play "The Crucible." Download
Romeo & Juliet Kathleen Provonsha CJ-001005 Romeo & Juliet facts Download
Macbeth Deanna Caldwell CJ-001163 Macbeth Final test review Download
Outsiders: Chapter 1 Drew Berg CJ-001175 Chapter one of the Outsiders. Questions with some Vocabulary from that week. Download
Shakespeare Susan Wilson CJ-000688 A review game dealing with Shakespeare's life and times as well as his plays and the Globe Theater. Download
Vocabulary Review 1-6 Diane Hammerstein CJ-000875 Weekly vocabulary list for 11th grade students. Download